Berm: Morning Eclogues

A collaborative meditation by poet Catherine Owen and artist Sydney Lancaster, Berm: Morning Eclogues explores “landscape, the environment, notions of home/alienation and the transformations wrought through art.”

Containing 4 separate chapbooks, each follows a portion of the year throughout which Owen recorded her thoughts and observations on the transitions of the berm behind her home in Edmonton. This project was created using both found and ecologically sensitive materials, and was presented as part of the ‘Archives of Absence’ exhibit in April 2011 with the Edmonton Poetry Festival.

Encased by hardcovers of paper handmade with a variety of vegetable matter. Bound with a piano hinge using a combination of ribbon and salt cedar branches, with a closure of linen thread and vintage buttons. Each booklet contains photographs of both the berm, and objects found there, by artist Sydney Lancaster.

Berm: A Miscellany was printed as a companion piece.

Printed in a limited edition, April 2011.

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